About Us

Meadowbrook Court Reporting was started in 1987 by two friends, Marsha Frost and Linda Lochricio, in Rochester, Michigan after having gone to court reporting school together. After just a few years of operation, Linda lost her battle with cancer and Marsha became the sole owner.

Today, MCR is run by Marsha and her daughter, Katelyn Frost-Ranbarger, as well as office managers Cecilia Runstadler, who has been with the company since 1995, and her sister, Carolyn Govette. As a family run business, MCR thrives on long-term relationships with not just employees, but also our clients.

We have dedicated reporters with years of experience who work and live throughout the state, as well as those we network with throughout the country and can produce transcripts in any requested format. We also provide the expertise of a professional videographer when requested.

After being in business so long, MCR has had the pleasure of working with some of the best attorneys in the metro Detroit area and beyond. They have worked on many different kinds of cases from employment, civil, tax trials, and many more. You name it and Meadowbrook has done it somewhere along the way. Now we have expanded into working for universities and colleges to help the hearing impaired.

At Meadowbrook Court Reporting, we strive to meet all of your litigation needs and create lasting business relationships with our clients.

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